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  • Jenn Cornish

Healing Through Harmony: Unveiling Health Secrets at the ECO Conference

The latest episode of "Restore the Real" offers an enlightening exploration of the Exponential Clinical Outcomes (ECO) Conference, hosted by Cell Core. This annual event, which began in a modest room in Boise, Idaho with just 90 attendees, has grown significantly, drawing 1,500 participants this year, both in-person and virtually. The conference serves as a crucible for innovative ideas, uniting health professionals from diverse backgrounds with a shared goal: to elevate community health awareness and address chronic diseases that continue to escalate globally.

The podcast's host delves into the transformative insights shared at ECO, emphasizing the holistic approaches discussed that challenge conventional medical wisdom. Themes such as the critical role of environmental toxins in health, the power of mitochondrial function, and the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being were central to the conference's discourse. The talks underscored the inadequacy of traditional responses to health issues, advocating instead for a foundational approach that considers toxicity and chronic inflammation as root causes of many modern ailments.

Listeners of the podcast will gain a deep understanding of how foundational medicine differs from both traditional and functional medicine. The conference highlighted the necessity of detoxification, a concept often dismissed by mainstream medicine, yet seen as essential by foundational practitioners due to the pervasive nature of environmental toxins. This shift in perspective invites a broader discussion on how health professionals and individuals alike can engage in more effective detoxification strategies.

The episode also brings to light the issue of mass cell activation, a condition that can cause severe allergic reactions and is often overlooked or misunderstood in medical fields. The host discusses how foundational medicine approaches this condition by addressing underlying factors such as parasites and toxicity, rather than merely managing symptoms.

As "Restore the Real" continues to explore these pressing health topics in upcoming episodes, listeners are encouraged to join the conversation. Whether you are grappling with chronic illness yourself, interested in preventative wellness, or simply curious about alternative health perspectives, this podcast offers valuable insights and practical advice.

To immerse yourself in discussions that challenge the status quo of health care and explore holistic solutions to complex health issues, tune in to "Restore the Real." Subscribe on platforms like iTunes or Spotify, and don't forget to leave a review if you find the episodes enlightening. Engaging with the podcast not only broadens your understanding but also supports spreading crucial health information to a wider audience.

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