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Our services are available in person at the office in Meridian, and virtually, through video and telephone appointments.

If you are struggling with chronic symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, joint or gut pain, eczema, or unexplainable sensations in your body that interfere with your ability to lead a normal life, we can help.

Your body has a near limitless capacity to heal itself — you just need to unlock it.

Through a series of functional tests including muscle testing, biofeedback analysis, and lab testing, in addition to a thorough understanding of your personal health history, symptom reports, and other relevant assessments, we can help to identify the root causes of your condition and determine the most natural, safe, and effective ways to restore your body’s incredible and inherent capacity to heal itself. 

Your personalized health plan may include sustainable diet and lifestyle shifts, plant-based supplementation, bioscientific remedies, drainage exercises, mindset work, and bioenergetic medicine that works through the unique frequency of your pathogens.

One of the most difficult things about battling health issues long-term is the emotional toll that misinformation and physical degeneration take. Prior to working with Dr. Randy, I felt lost and confused, helpless, exhausted, completely isolated, and depressed. 

Aside from possessing the kindest, most encouraging demeanour and a wealth of practical knowledge, Dr. Randy took the time to get to know me as a person. He approaches pain and illness with a deep awareness of people as spiritual beings housed in physical bodies, and his insight and encouragement into the emotional roots of illness were invaluable to my healing. 

Angela V.

Dr. Nick actually listens! We are of the same mindset and so working with him was refreshing. 

Bethany W.

I felt frustrated and overwhelmed not being able to resolve my health problems despite seeing many doctors. Dr. Randy was incredibly thorough, he listened and explained things in detail. I felt like for the first time I met a practitioner who actually cared for my well-being. I will be forever grateful for his help. 

Carol W.

I have Hashimoto's and I was feeling very run down and just overall not well. I felt somewhat confused about what direction to turn it seemed like I kept getting conflicting information. I love Dr. Nick's calm confidence and he was very good at explaining why he was putting me on a particular supplement. I have made dramatic improvements since working with Dr. Nick, can't wait for next year!

Candace W.

I had several health issues before I started seeing Dr. Randy. I had parasites, heavy metals, mold, fungus issues and MCAS. Dr. Randy cared about my health and well being. He always lifted my spirits and made me feel so much better. Dr. Randy listens to your needs and is very knowledgeable about being able to help you. He looks at the whole healing process and understands what you need at the right time of your health journey. 

Carol W.

I was battling an insane amount of parasites and a high toxin load when I discovered Total Body Wellness Clinic. I had treated Lyme disease prior to working with Dr. Randy, and had gotten better, but could not get a handle on the parasitic infections, and my health kept crashing. What was different about Dr. Randy, was that he truly cared about me, my wellbeing, and took the time to schedule in emergency sessions when I was in despair. What was different about Dr. Randy, was that he truly cared about me, my wellbeing, and took the time to schedule in emergency sessions when I was in despair. 

Christa N.

I like Dr. Randy because of his knowledge, he believes that the body can heal itself if you give it a chance, Dr. Randy listen and take time to answer my questions before I had one MD and a Neurologist and no hope to get better. 

Diane L.

Working with Carol Egan the analysis of the symptoms was very thorough and all aspects of the problem were taken into account.

Grenville P.

Dr Randy has an amazing toolbox to draw from, aside from his extensive knowledge of CellCore and how the protocols really work. He also has a wonderful way about him, an understanding of the difficulties involved in really getting to the root of the problem. The labs and testing he used were very revealing. He kept me from galloping through the protocols, and slowed me down, which allowed my body to accommodate the changes in a way that was much more tolerable and more complete than if I had done it myself.

Perci K.

Dr. Randy really looked at the body as a whole. He wanted to get to why things were going on, not just focusing on suppressing my symptoms. I have a lot more energy, I dont have IBS anymore, no joint pain or food allergies. I am still continuing on my journey of healing. I went back to school to become an integrative health practitioner.

Stacey K.

I very much liked the consistency of our sessions and the month-to-month review. Dr. Randy used his incredible knowledge to lead me to health but he also used kinesiology and body code. Both of which I responded exceptionally well to. Fatigue levels have greatly decreased. I am a productive and happy human being for most of the day. Night time I'm quite exhausted but my body may be catching up to this "normal" activity. Body pains are 90% better.

Susan B.

Before working with Dr. Randy at the Total Body Wellness Clinic, I was bedridden and non-functional. I was at the end of my rope, not knowing what to do next to heal my body. I knew that I needed deeper gut work to move in the direction of wellness but I wanted and needed guidance so I went to the top expert. After joining Dr. Randy's program, within seven short weeks, the symptoms I was experiencing began disappearing rapidly and I went from being completely bedridden to walking 10,000 steps in the summer heat. Fast forward a year later, I am fully functional. I can be a mom again, engage in the work I love, fly again for the first time in 11 years and LIVE LIFE. I am so happy not to be a prisoner in my own body and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Randy for his knowledge, compassion, wisdom and guidance. Choosing to work with him was the best decision I could have made.

Corrine H.

I started working with Dr. Randy after a long 10+ year health journey with fatigue, anxiety, weakness, stomach issues, brain fog and lyme disease. Dr. Randy is incredibly thoughtful, and it's clear that he cares about his patients and seeing them get better. I never feel rushed during an appointment as he takes time to thoroughly explain things and answer any questions that I have. The concept of addressing parasites I believe is one of the key things I've been missing in every other protocol I've tried throughout the years. I am so hopeful that I will get fully back on my feet as I continue to be treated by Dr. Randy and his team. I am so grateful for their approach to find the root of chronic illness, rather than just treating symptoms. The whole staff at TBW is so kind, quick to respond to any questions and a pleasure to interact with!

Laura E.

Everyone here at the clinic has big hearts and truly cares about you as a person. Dr. Randy listens, doesn't dismiss, celebrates your wins with you, asks questions for better understanding, and offers suggestions on everything from lifestyle to supplements and does not dismiss the importance of emotions when it comes health. It's been a pleasure working with the staff of TBWC! :)

Monica B.

Carol is well versed with many stories and speaks my language as far as being positive. She is very motivating and has helped to keep me moving forward with inspirational books and or ideas. You can definitely feel her love and support. She’s on your team. I believe in this system of healing and know that it takes a long time to strip the toxins you’ve built up in your body over the years and Carol has the know how and passion to walk you down this path.

Kristi A.

Carol Egan gets right to the matter and the root of the problem, a fabulous guide on your health journey with results that stick! She's extremely hard working and determined to help with the symptoms and health issues that I was experiencing. She was clear about what I needed to do and available to me during work hours anytime. She responded promptly in a very reasonable amount of time. She's so thorough, dedicated and loves what she does to help me on my health journey. I have more energy than I thought I would have and my symptoms have improved so much. Carol gets you results and you feel like you're progressing in the direction of healing for now and the future.

Joanne R.



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Our initial assessment sets the stage and helps to ensure that our doctors can help support you on your health journey.


Your lab work, case history, personal background, and more allows us to understand you and helps us to identify the root causes of your health challenges.


We will meet with you one-on-one to report our findings and help you understand the root causes of your health crisis and your first steps to begin healing.


Through the process of mindset, energy work, drainage, and detox we consistently monitor and manage you through your care plan.

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