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Detox 101 - Success is in the preparation

woman preparing for detox

Detox 101 - Success is in the preparation

llness and premature aging are caused by a lack of energy in the body. One of the reasons for this is the buildup of toxins that are accumulated over a lifetime. When this happens, the body spends a vast amount of energy processing these toxins and mitigating the damage they cause. To accomplish this, energy is diverted away from other processes and pathways related to disease management and general vitality. By properly detoxifying the body, we restore its ability to spend energy in those areas again. Detoxing the body before it is ready can cause a cascade of additional problems. Success is truly in the preparation here. On that note, Id love to introduce you to the the first step in understanding effective preparation…


The Drainage Funnel!!!

To understand how the flow of detoxification is accomplished by the body, we need to understand what the Drainage Funnel is. We can compare it to a diverse system of rivers that all converge and empty into the ocean through one access point. This particular pattern of river flow is referred to as a drainage basin, and everything flowing downstream from each individual river will need to empty into the ocean through the same access point. Our body’s detoxification system works much in the same way, and the access point for the outflow of toxins is the Colon. If the colon is clogged or inflamed, the body will not be able to properly detoxify. Our physiology is highly intelligent and wont even attempt to pull and dump toxins into the digestive tract if its congested, and if we try to force that process to happen anyway… imagine what would happen if the access point to the ocean in a river system is blocked and you send a bunch of logs and debris downstream anyway… now you have a much bigger blockage at that access point than you did before. The body needs to continuously move toxins out, and this increase in stagnation creates new problems of its own.

Drainage Funnel

How do make sure our Drainage Funnel is open and ready for safe detoxification?

In preparation for systemic detox, we first begin by addressing toxicity and stagnation in the colon. There is a variety of reasons our colon can become blocked and congested. Lets address them one at a time:

1 . Lack of motility

Motility refers to the ability of the intestinal lining to move food and waste through the gut to be eliminated. Low motility creates problems of its own because it changes the natural environment of our gut. This can prevent nutrient absorption and even allow pathogens to thrive! Ideal function of the food elimination system should yield 2-3 bowel movements a day. If this isn’t happening for you, supplemental support to increase motility is tremendously helpful. We want our bowels to be moving anyway, but especially if you are preparing for systemic detox, this is absolutely crucial!

2. Low Bile Flow

The liver produces bile acid which is an aqueous solution that is then collected and stored by the gallbladder. Proper bile flow is crucial for multiple digestive functions including digestion of fats and absorption of vitamins. Many factors can affect bile production and flow including liver congestion, hormone imbalances and nervous system dysfunction. Also, if you have had your gallbladder removed, bile flow is being hindered. It is important to address this in this preparatory step to detox. Bitter foods, castor oil packs and supplementing with Tudca all help stimulate bile production and flow.

3. Toxicity in the Gut

There are all kinds of toxins that can be present throughout the digestive tract. Parasites not only steal nutrients from our food, but they also release toxins and dysregulate the immune system. Herbicides and pesticides can cause gut microbiome dysbiosis. Heavy metals can also cause this as well as increased intestinal inflammation. This is the first place to address toxic overload in the body because if the levels are high in the gut, many complications can arise by systemically detoxing and dumping even more toxins into an already overloaded system. Implementing a binder that works mostly in the digestive tract is an important component in this preparatory step. It also helps tremendously to take stock of what you are currently ingesting so you can reduce foods and habits that can work in opposition to this process.

4. Environmental dysfunction

When the gut microbiome gets out of balance, it can throw off the environment of the entire digestive tract. This in turn can cause increased intestinal permeability, low motility, and even metabolic dysfunction. A diverse microbiome is essential for proper gut function and sometimes we inadvertently supercharge the growth of some of those bacterial communities, and inhibit the growth of others. This is essentially what dysbiosis is. Antibiotics and high sugar diets contribute highly to this occurring, but so does stress and lack of sleep. When we are in balance, our gut microbiome tends to be as well. Enzymatic support like CT Zyme from CellCore, and vagus nerve stimulation are both beneficial in restoring a healthy gut environment.

The energetics of Detox.

Everything is energy! We have heard that many times before, but what does it have to do with detox? Physical matter always organizes itself around an already present frequency. This means that the energy is the scaffolding upon which matter arranges itself. If we are addressing a physical problem, but not attending to the underlying frequency, the problem will likely keep presenting.

So, what is the underlying frequency that supports lasting detoxification, and how do you generate that frequency within yourself? This can be done in many ways. Meditation on the topic of toxic people and situations that you are ready to let go of is a great one! You can also use the analogy of a cup that is full, and journal about the things you are ready to release in order to make room for new and better things to come in. You can use flashcards or mantras or write things on your bathroom mirror, whatever method best enables you to hold the frequency of letting go. Some people like to write down on scraps of paper situations and thoughts that no longer serve them, and light them on fire! Hold the frequency of empowered release and your body will follow!

Dr. Randy Michaux

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