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Lyme and co-infection common symptoms

Joint pain



Swollen glands

Heart palpitations


Panic attacks


Severe muscle pain

Disturbed sleep


Difficulty concentrating


Muscle cramps

Muscle twitching

Neck stiffness

Migratory Joint pain

Menstrual irregularities


Lyme disease primarily targets the skin, marking its presence with a distinct red rash called erythema migrans. It can also affect the joints, leading to arthritis-like symptoms characterized by swelling and pain, especially in larger joints like the knees.

Additionally, Lyme disease poses a threat to the nervous system, manifesting in various neurological symptoms such as meningitis, facial paralysis, limb numbness, memory issues, and difficulty concentrating. While other organs and systems may be affected, seeking prompt medical attention for diagnosis and treatment is crucial if you suspect Lyme disease due to a tick bite or related symptoms.

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