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  • Jenn Cornish

From EMF Exposure to Health Breakdowns: A Revealing Discussion with Justin Frandson

In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of exploring the intriguing connection between Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), health, and nature with our esteemed guest, Justin Frandson. A significant portion of our conversation centered on the fascinating personal experiences Justin had with EMFs and how these experiences propelled him to investigate the profound impact of EMFs on our health and well-being.

Drawing from personal experiences, such as witnessing athletes' health breakdown due to wearable technology, Justin embarked on a quest to find answers in nature. This journey ultimately led him to the creation of EMF Rocks, an innovative solution to counteract the adverse effects of EMFs.

Our captivating discussion delved into the mysteries of the body's living collective tissue matrix, particularly focusing on the role of hydration, minerals, and the impact of EMFs on mold. Justin vividly described how EMFs could inflict damage at a cellular level, instigating health problems like cognitive issues, non-traumatic concussion symptoms, and even infertility.

One compelling story we touched upon was about a man whose health took a nosedive due to reduced contact with water. This story underscored the importance of grounding, hydration, and being in nature to diminish EMF toxicity.

During the episode, we also explored the potential benefits of introducing EMF Rocks into your home. From discussing the health implications of electric cars to learning about the resources and support provided by the Total Body Wellness Clinic, we covered it all! Justin emphasized how grounding and reconnecting with nature could help mitigate EMF toxicity.

In essence, our conversation with Justin Frandson provided a fascinating exploration of health, technology, and nature. The insights gained could be game-changers in safeguarding your health against EMF radiation and restoring balance in your life.

Understanding the dangers of EMFs and the strategies to mitigate their impact is vital in our technologically driven society. With this knowledge, we can take proactive steps to protect our health and well-being. From reducing our exposure to implementing solutions like EMF Rocks, there are various ways we can guard ourselves against the harmful effects of EMFs. The key takeaway is that we need to reconnect with nature and leverage its inherent healing powers to counteract the effects of our increasingly digital lifestyle.

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