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  • Jenn Cornish

From Womb to World: Understanding Developmental Stages with Dr. Laura Hanson

In a compelling episode of "Restore the Real," hosted by Dr. Randy Michaux, Dr. Laura Hanson, a renowned neurodevelopmental therapist, unveils the critical role of primitive reflexes in early human development. This discussion reveals how these reflexes, starting in utero, lay the foundation for our nervous system and how their disruption can lead to challenges like ADHD and anxiety.

Dr. Hanson and Dr. Michaux explore the impact of environmental factors and stress on these developmental processes. They emphasize the importance of a healthy environment during pregnancy and the potential long-term effects of interrupting natural developmental stages.

This episode is a vital listen for parents, caregivers, and those interested in understanding the profound stages of early life that shape our future well-being. It offers insights into recognizing and addressing early developmental issues to prevent long-term challenges.

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