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  • Jenn Cornish

Mold Unveiled: Navigating Health Challenges with Brianne Calabria

In the latest episode of "Restore the Real," hosted by Dr. Randy Michaux of Total Body Wellness Clinic, listeners are invited on an enlightening journey into the often-overlooked world of mold toxicity and its profound effects on health. Joining Dr. Michaux is Brianne Calabria, a board-certified integrative health practitioner and the founder of Ohana Wellness. Together, they delve into the nuances of mold exposure, shedding light on its subtle yet significant influence on our well-being.

The episode begins with Brianne sharing her personal encounter with mold toxicity and how it propelled her into the realm of integrative health. Her experience, echoed in many of her clients' stories, highlights the insidious nature of mold and its ability to remain hidden while causing widespread health issues. Brianne's expertise, shaped by her role at Ohana Wellness, provides valuable insights into identifying and addressing mold-related health problems.

Listeners will be captivated by discussions on the varied symptoms of mold exposure, ranging from chronic fatigue and brain fog to more specific signs like sinus congestion and skin rashes. The conversation also addresses the importance of recognizing past exposure to mold, emphasizing that symptoms can persist long after the initial contact. This understanding is crucial for those struggling with unexplained health issues, guiding them towards potential root causes and effective solutions.

Dr. Michaux and Brianne delve into the complexities of diagnosing and treating mold toxicity. They explore functional lab tests, the visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) test, and the critical role of sinus health in mold-related illnesses. The episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone seeking to understand the intricate relationship between our environment and health.

"Restore the Real" stands out as a podcast that fearlessly tackles the multifaceted aspects of health, from the physical to the spiritual. This episode, in particular, is a must-listen for those interested in environmental health, holistic wellness, and the hidden factors that influence our well-being.

To uncover the mysteries of mold toxicity and its impact on health, tune in to this compelling episode of "Restore the Real." Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to ensure you never miss an episode!

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